Connecticut Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Are you being charged higher homeowners insurance premiums because you live in Connecticut,
Rhode Island, New Jersey?

You might have a two-hour drive to the beach. Or you might wake up to the whites caps every morning. Either way, you could be paying a premium surcharge for your home owners insurance. The reason? If your state borders the coast, the insurance industry has determined your home is at high risk for wind, hurricane or cyclone damage. is a group of top specialists who can call on a wide range of industry relationships to forge the perfect insurance product for you. Best of all, we can do our work for you before you have committed one dime. When the finished product fits your individual needs and a the best price, you'll know you're getting insurance coverage that's right for you at the competitive price. collects its quotes from experienced licensed insurance professionals with a vast industry. These local insurance professionals specialize in coastal risks and the insurance products to deliver peace of mind to their customers. Most importantly, they will personally contact you by phone or email to give you the quotes you requested and explain the insurance products to you. No complicated process, no confusion with coverage, just good old fashion personalized service. Also, there is never any obligation. This is all done within 24hrs of receiving your request for a quote.

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"Coastal Insurance Quotes helped me cut my Auto & Home insurance premiums in half." Rick, Norwalk,CT